It all started in 2020..I lost my job due to the world shutting down causing me to fall into depression and I quickly lost sight of who I was. I needed a hobby..something to keep me busy while the world was still shut down. On one random day I decided I was going to start making candles as a hobby. I ordered a candle making kit and quickly learned that candle making was harder than I thought; there is a science to it. I slowly learned all the ins and outs of candle making. I was feeling happy again, I found something that brought joy to my daily life but I still didn't have a job.

I decided that I was going to start a small business! I invested thousands of dollars in supplies and lots of wax . I started selling to family and friends; they supported me every single time and they are what kept me going for a while!

Then I finally decided on a business name, a logo, started working on a website, I learned everything on how to start a business on my own. I started to grow my social media before I even launched my website. My instagram quickly grew and I created an amazing community of other women who own small businesses and FINALLY on February 1st 2021 I launched my website!

Edit: It's now been 2 years that I've been in the candle making business and I hope my candles bring your the same joy they brought me on my darkest days.

Priscilla Reza | Owner + Maker

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